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Intl Shambhala Arts Day Festival 2009

International Shambhala Arts Day Festival

Mission Statement –

The International Shambhala Arts Day Festival is an international
gathering of contemplative arts teachers, artists and practionners to
celebrate the arts as an enlightened society vision.

This event is a way to provide a space to empower the sacred in every
day life and a meaningful way in the creative process to include all
arts forms. The schedule of activities embodies the Dharma – Shambhala
Art teachings of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche as well as new ways to
create art inspired by these principles, and to bring it forth in the
contemporary world.

Slogan : Art that wakes us up

Infos :

Violaine Morinville
Director of the Intl Shambhala Arts Day Festival
Email :
& in collaboration with the Administrative Council of Shambhala Art International

Website – - under the link: shambhala art day

Clip of the Intl Shambhala Arts Day Festival :


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International Shambhala Arts Day Festival
Saturday March 21st 2009
& weekends around the Spring Equinox


Greetings from Atlanta!
We will be celebrating on March 20-22 this year. This year, we would like to make a Mandala which involves the participation of those attending. I have enjoyed reading updates from other Centers as we're considering the many ways to make this an interactive, community building, event.

We are adding a children's art playshop to the weekend. For a little humor, I am also using a spinning origami top. You simply spin the top and the arrow on the top lands on "the answer" on the board. Answers are much like koans such as the following four answers: definitely-maybe, sometimes-always, full-empty, end-beginning, etc. The serious business of the value of art will be incorporated in our Sunday discussion. Happy art making to everyone.

Dianne Pax Issen, Miche' Gayton Kali, Sarah Hatch
and many more other art warriors to come!

Diane Issen


Oh yes...I think it is very definitely an annual affair now !

Judy Bond

   The Baltimore Shambhala Center celebrated Shambhala Arts Day last month (Saturday, March 7), which included an art showing/reception featuring 11 sangha members, followed by performances (poetry, music, a story, and a poetry/movement piece) by 10 sangha members.

 Thanks for your work!


Jennifer Parde


on 05/09/2009

We are delighted to participate again this year. We are discussing a repeat of a movement workshop with Rick Merrill, a poetry workshop with Jeanne Yeasting and Joe Mackie, Ikebana with Charles Coghlan. Other possibilities are being discussed. Our creative and most joyous event last year was the final reception and soiree. That will be our focus this year, creative offerings followed by a dance party.

The committe of Rick Merrill, Jeanne Yeasting and Sandra Harper have decided on 5/9 for our second Art Festival.

  Please join the Bellingham Shambhala community for an evening of socializing, Wake up through the sharing of creative performances and contributions. This is an opportunity to mix, mingle, share and celebrate with food, drink and creative outpourings. Seth Zimmerman and Rick Merrill are collaborating on a cello dance piece. Jeanne Yeasting has a fun interactive word smithing contribution. Rosalyn Householder has a poetry reading and there's more.

Sign up for offerings of finger food, wine, improv, dance, poetry, skits, music, etc.


Bellingham Shambhala Center's event held May 9th. There was greater attendance this year along with a joyful out pouring of generous, shared creativity. We scaled back the size, from last year. We had a Reception followed by the offerings of creativity. This worked very well for the size of our community.

With warm regard,

Sandra Harper


Berkeley, CA

One idea that has come up involves costumes! We will send more information when we have a date and a plan.

Lory Poulson, John Osajima, Lara Summerville

Boston, MA

Sunday April 26th @1pm

  Thank you so much for including us here in Boston! Here is more information about what we're doing with Shambhala Art in Boston so you can add it to the archive.

 Shambhala Art Day

with Amanda Loy-Jung & Sarah Lipton

April 26th 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

 In this afternoon workshop, we will explore the teachings of Shambhala Art by engaging space through meditation and a series of sensory and creative exercises. The opportunity is to practice mindfulness in such a way that genuine expression of creativity arises in the moment.

 We'll be playing with grounding exercises and then move the participants through an experience of moving through the space and playing with sensory input and creative output. We'll meditate for a half hour first, then lead an Intensification, followed by an 8 (also known as the 20) minute dance and then Aimless Wandering. We will then have a conversation about Trungpa Rinpoche and Dharma Art and then move into a playful excersise of blindfolded tasting and spontaneous poetry and storytelling.

 The Presence Point - A Shambhala Art Workshop

with Sarah Lipton & Amanda Loy-Jung

May 12th - June 16th, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

 "Be present

In your body

In the space

While moving




Shambhala art is a deep practice of creating from an awakened state of mind. In this six-week workshop, we will be engaging these teachings through deepening our meditation practice and playing with a series of sensory and creative exercises. The opportunity is to practice mindfulness in such a way that genuine expression of creativity arises in the moment.

In this 6 week series, we will explore meditation as the seed of creativity. We will play games of perception and open ourselves to new forms of expression in space. In culmination, we will engage in a group process of expressing, witnessing and reflecting.

Join us as we present meditative exercises designed to open our connection to space. By re-connecting mind and body through sensory experience we will ultimately engage in genuine creative expression. Come prepared to experience space in new ways. Open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this is a way to deepen your meditation and creative practice, or begin one.


Thanks for your support! It's so wonderful to know these teachings are being shared internationally in the Shambhala mandala!

 Yours in the Great Eastern Sun,

 Sarah Lipton

Center Coordinator

Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston

Dechen Chöling, France

This year it is scheduled for May 10th. I am not exactly sure what shape it will take but we have some ideas forming.
I will send more information as it takes shape.

Dear shambhala Art teachers and friends,

 Below is a short article that I wrote for the European Newsletter. 

 Arts Day here was in May due to the intense schedule of programs at Dechen Choling. I do have  photos that I can send if you are interested and some video of the performance but it has to be compressed (or what ever the process is) to be able to send it over the internet. Fabrice Champion, mentioned below in relation to the performance, is a french sangha member who had a tragic accident and is confined to a wheel chair.

 Warm and sunny summer greetings,


  On Sunday May 10th Dechen Choling celebrated Shambhala Arts Day.. This is our annual open house for the local community and this year our theme was, "How to invite magic". We had about sixty visitors.

 There was an exhibition in the main shrine room of three giant ikebana arrangements which created a beautiful environment. There were  demonstrations of kyudo, by Yves Brett and Michael Behrens, kado by Gerd Kohler, and calligraphy by Herbert Elsky. Catherine Eveillard-Elsky conducted a guided tour of DCL and Matthias Pomgranz gave meditation instruction to a curious and enthusiastic group.. We had our always popular  tea time with cakes by Francoise Mourmant which provides an informal setting for visitors and DCL staff to chat and get to know each other. The DCL staff provided fantastic support, helping to organize and create this event, even though they are fully involved in the set-up for summer programs.

 The closing talk by Fabrice Champion and Herbert Elsky presented the theme of inviting magic and was followed by a choreographed ceremony, performed for the first time ever in the universe, during which  Herb whirled Fabrice around in his wheel chair as Fabrice created three huge calligraphies by swinging an improvised "brush" on a two and a half meter handle.. Each of the three calligraphies ended with the two of them creating spontaneous poetry together. During the final calligraphy the whole audience opened their voices with the artists to become participants in  the event.

It was a wonderful day and we made many new friends.

 Joop Laan, Herb Elsky

Fort Collins, CO

A few of the Ft. Collins Sangha and I have organized a Heaven & Earth Society which puts on Social events centering on spirituality and the arts to help encourage an enlightened society.... in Fort Collins...

The Fort Collins, CO Shambhala Center will be hosting a Dharma Poetry Reading and Workshop with Poet Gary Allen on March 21, 2009 in celebration of the Intl Shambhala Arts Day Festival...coordinated by the Fort Collins Heaven and Earth Society...

Thank you for the inspiration!
Clark Erwin-Billones

London, Europe

Thanks for all your hard work over the years!

London Shambhala Centre is hosting an open house/ public event, showcasing some of the Shambhala Arts: Kyudo, Kado, Calligraphy and Miksang. This will be
linked up with a London wide initiative to slow the pace of city living, named
'Slow Down London'.
We are also gathering contributions from sangha members for an exhibition of
visual and live arts based on the theme: Art that wakes up.
Due to scheduling, we are hosting this on the first weekend in May.

Claire Van Rhyn

Los Angeles, CA

Here in L.A., we'll be doing our festival in May again.
We're thinking of doing something completely different from the past
three...rather than an exhibition, a sit-down banquet feast of the senses
with musical performances

Anne Saitzyk & Debra Dysart

Madison, WI

We are celebrating on March 22nd. We will do a lot of what we have done in the past, and works well: Miksang slideshow, Ikebana demonstration with a chance to do it yourself, plus this year a Lujong workshop and drawing and play time for kids. We usually draw around 20 people, have a potluck and get quite a few kids, who love it!

Miriam Hall


It would likely be an evening of music, poetry and video.

Rebekah Younger

Montpelier, VT

The Montpelier Shambhala Center is definitely going to particpate. We're thinking about offering that people in our community have the opportunity to have their "contemplative art" presented at our meditation center. I like to not overly define what art is. I'd like to see what comes our way and why the creator considers it contemplative art, and then let the submission process guide what the program would look like. We do not yet have specific programming planned.

Many thanks! Peace
Don Grabowski

New York, NY

March 20-22 2009
As part of an annual special event in motion!

Friday March 20th
Performance Evening 7 - 9 :30pm
& Art Exhibition of Sensei Paul (Do Sho) Quintero
Zen Monk/ artist 

Intro talk of the Intl Arts Festival & performance presentations

Angela Alston, Film - "An excerpt from Dream Time"

Ravenna Michalsen, Dharma Song - "Ki Ki So So", "Just A Seed Waiting
to Grow" and "May My MInd Turn to Others"

Peter Goldfarb, Rumi Poems

Dance Visions Company :
With Beth Jucovy, Nichole Piacenza, Jessie Tomanek, Johnny De Arden

Rochelle Weithorn, Milarepa Children's Chorus

Philip Foster & Open Music Ensemble
Interactive Movement for all by Violaine Morinville

Saturday March 21st
Workshops 10am - 6pm
& Art Exhibition

10am to 11am - Dave Perrin – Mudra exploration
11am to Noon - Laura Simms – Storytelling workshop
12pm to 12 :30pm Discussions, practice & creative improvisations

2pm to 4 :30pm - Peter Goldfarb – Dharma of Theater
4 :45 to 5 :45pm – Open Music Circle workshop
5 :45 - 6pm – Closure of the day

Sunday March 22nd
1pm to 4pm
Art Exhibition –
& Open space for creativity, readings, etc.

@ NY Shambhala Meditation Center
118 W 22nd Street #6
New York, NY

Production : Violaine Morinville & NYC team

Phoenix, AZ


The Phoenix Sangha would like to participate in the Arts Festival.
We are a very enthusiastic center!

I feel my role is to open up "spaces for possibilities"
Phoenix has a growing arts community and every year there is a downtown tour/celebration of the arts called "Art Detour" -- I have a space lined up for our Sangha to share the outcomes of our endeavors leading up to the spring events.

Ana Bron, Julie Rayda, coordinators

Portland, Oregon
Corinne Nakamura

San Antonio, TX

Greetings from Texas!

We will be celebrating our "Third Annual San Antonio Shambhala Arts Festival" on March 20-22, 2009.
We will keep you posted about our planned events.

Third Annual San Antonio Shambhala Arts Festival
March 21st & 22nd, 2009

“The buddha family, or families, associated with a person describes his or her fundamental style, that person’s intrinsic perspective or stance in perceiving the world and working with it. Each family is associated with both a neurotic and an enlightened style. The neurotic expression of any buddha family can be transmuted into its wisdom or enlightened aspect. As well as describing people’s styles, the buddha families are also associated with colors, elements, landscapes, directions, seasons—with any aspect of the phenomenal world.”

- Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche -

Saturday, March 21, 2009
Appreciating the Five Wisdom Energies

This year’s Shambhala Arts Festival will feature work that embodies and exemplifies each of the five wisdom energies, or Buddha families. On Saturday, March 21, 2009, the Shambhala Meditation Center of San Antonio will host an exhibition of Miksang photography, a contemplative art form based on the Dharma Art teachings of Shambhala founder Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, illustrating the flavor of each Buddha family. There will also be a live performance of a new musical piece composed of five movements, each of which will provide an immersion into one of the five families through the sense of sound. This original musical interpretation of the wisdom energies will be performed by composers Phil Castillo and Travis Dierolf. The evening will begin at 7:00 pm with a brief talk about the five wisdom energies, and a celebratory reception of hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be offered.

Sunday, March 22, 2009
Celebrating Sangha Through Sound

On Sunday morning, we will commence our public meditation practice at 9:30 am, followed by a continuation of our celebration of sound by enjoying the “Bamboo Spirit Shakuhachi Concert” at 10:00 am. The shakuhachi is a wooden flute which was traditionally played by Japanese Buddhist monks as part of their path of practice. At 11:00 am everyone will be invited to participate in a form of sonic meditation, which involves using sound to experience the vibrant sanity of our lives. A potluck lunch will follow at noon.

Take care,
Todd Russell


Celebrating on May 16th by also connecting with eco-dharma...i have been doing an eco-dharma discussion group at the center in san diego and will use the arts festival to put together an environmental film festival...

 This year was a one day event in which we held poetry reading by a couple of fine young poets and then screened short films and docs dealing with environmental issues...a good turn out for a wonderful evening of poetry and eco-consciousness...

Pasquale Verdicchio



Shambhala Art is art that springs from the meditative state of mind.
As it forms into being, it brings wakefulness and awareness to the
creative and viewing processes through the integration of
contemplation and meditation. It is based on a collection of teachings
by Chögyam Trungpa that appreciate the uniqueness of everyday sensory
experience, the art of everyday life. We aren’t talking about
particular types of skills, but instead the primordial source of
inspiration, its manifestation, and how it speaks to us.

Join us for an inspiring day exploring the various arts of Miksang Photography, Gourmet Food, and a Writers’ Workshop

10 AM – What is Miksang?

Come join us for an introduction to Miksang photography, a contemplative art form based on the Shambhala and Dharma Art teachings of the late meditation master, artist, and scholar Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. Sue and Warner Keeley will talk about a few of the basic principles behind Miksang photography, share a few of the opening exercises that are part of the training and present a slide show of their work. No cameras necessary

12:30 PM – a Gourmet Luncheon served mindfully by some of our members

2 PM – Noelle Oxenhandler, nationally acclaimed writer and teacher, will lead us in a writing workshop. "WRITE WHERE YOU ARE: An Exploration of Writing as Basic Goodness."

The world always gives, the poet said.
We just have to get out of the way, said the sage.
In this writing workshop, for beginning and practiced writers alike,
we'll explore some basic principles and strategies for using words to tap into the fundamental richness of our lives. By the end, you may feel as though you've been "dreaming the same dream" with others in the room, yet you're sure to leave with a nugget of poetic prose that is very much your own....

Noelle Oxenhandler's most recent book is The Wishing Year: A House, A Man, My Soul. Her essays have been published in many national and literary magazines, including The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, VOGUE, and "O". She is a member of the English Department at Sonoma State University, where she teaches Creative Writing. A contributing editor for Tricycle Magazine, she has been a practicing Buddhist since1969.

Barbara H.


Here in Seattle, we have 3/21/09 reserved for the Intl Shambhala Arts Day Festival. 
I will be coordinating it.

Shambhala Arts Festival
Saturday March 21

The Shambhala Arts Festival is an international event that takes place around the spring equinox when the entire Shambhala community and friends are invited to celebrate art forms and disciplines that embody the Dharma Art teachings of the Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. These teachings encourage the creation and manifestation of art that wakes up the viewer as well as its maker to a sense of unconditional sacredness within the phenomenal world.

Ikebana Workshop and Exhibit
With Charles Coghlan
1 to 3:30 pm

Come learn or practice the Japanese art of flower arrangement with one of Seattle’s most beloved masters and help prepare the space for the celebration. All materials will be provided. The cost is $25 (scholarships available). For further info & to RSVP, please contact Charles Coghlan ( This workshop is the Spring session of the Four Seasons Center Benefit Series.

Reception and Equinox Celebration
Welcoming the gods of springtime
4:30 to 7 pm

This Exhibition of Shambhala Art will become a social gathering for the whole community. Music will be performed by The Golden Heron Gamelan Orchestra and offerings of poetry and dance are encouraged. Beer, wine, and a special "flower" cocktail will be available from a no host bar along with other snacks and refreshments. 

 Chris Roberts



The annual Shambhala Arts Festival will take place at the Tucson Shambhala Meditation Center beginning with a reception on Friday, March 20, 6:30-9:30 P.M. and continuing on Saturday March 21, 2009, 2-5 P.M

If the 2009 festival is anything like last year's, it will include an art exhibition of 2-D and 3-D artwork, performance art and a special clay meditation. We ask anyone interested to submit proposals by Tuesday, March 17.

The Shambhala Arts Festival is celebrated at Shambhala Centers all around the world near or on the date of Shambhala Arts Day, March 21, 2008, the spring equinox, and is part of The International Shambhala Arts Festival, which is about manifesting and displaying art that wakes up its maker and its viewer to genuineness and truthfulness. To quote Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, "Genuine art reveals the truth." The Festival takes place throughout the world each spring and the community is invited to celebrate the arts based on Shambhala/Dharma Art principles. This event is an opportunity to gather artists and help establish the roots of enlightened society. Shambhala Art explores the creative and viewing processes and the product we call art from the viewpoint of a meditative discipline. It is a viewpoint that encourages us to see things as they are, rather than how we imagine they are.

To propose entries, which can include visual art, participatory art (such as readings, group discussions, etc.), and/or performance art, and/or to volunteer for the festival, please review the attached Shambhala Arts Festival "Call For Artists, Volunteers and Participants" and contact the Festival coordinator, Aurore Chabot, at Aurore will send you festival details via email. The deadline to propose works of art, participatory art, and/or performance art and other festival activities is on or before Tuesday, March 17, preferably via email, with digital images, if available, attached, to Festival coordinator. Those without email access can send hard copy material to: Aurore Chabot, Tucson Shambhala Arts Festival 2008 Coordinator, 823 S 2nd Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701-3214, or call at 520-623-3582.

The Tucson Shambhala Center invites everyone (you don't need to be a Shambhala sangha member) to participate in this very special observance of the joy of creativity.


The annual Shambhala Arts Festival took place at the Tucson Shambhala Meditation Center beginning with a reception on Friday, March 20, 6:30-9:30 P.M. and continuing on Saturday March 21, 2009, 2-5 P.M.  It included an art exhibition of 2-D and 3-D artwork, a performance art piece entitled The Meditator by Mike Keller Friday night during the reception and a special clay meditation led by Aurore Chabot on Saturday afternoon.  Sixteen pieces of art and a meditative video art piece by University of Arizona graduate student Jeejung Kim also helped make this year’s festival a dynamic event.  The main meditation shrine room, used as the gallery for artworks, like magic, was truly transformed into a warm, inviting space that glowed with positive creative energy.  Please see the list of participants and the titles of their work or event below. 

The Shambhala Arts Festival is celebrated at Shambhala Centers all around the world near or on the date of Shambhala Arts Day, March 21, 2008, the spring equinox, and is part of The International Shambhala Arts Festival, which is about manifesting and displaying art that wakes up its maker and its viewer to genuineness and truthfulness.  To quote Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, “Genuine art reveals the truth.”  The Festival takes place throughout the world each spring and the community is invited to celebrate the arts based on Shambhala/Dharma Art principles.  This event is an opportunity to gather artists and help establish the roots of enlightened society.  Shambhala Art explores the creative and viewing processes and the product we call art from the viewpoint of a meditative discipline.  It is a viewpoint that encourages us to see things as they are, rather than how we imagine they are. 

Aurore Chabot again offered her time, skill and efforts as the Tucson Shambhala Arts Festival 2009 Coordinator, and on behalf of The Tucson Shambhala Meditation Center, extended an open invitation to anyone interested in participating in this very special observance of the joy of creativity.  Thanks go to all the artists and participants who helped hang the exhibition so expertly and set up the opening reception with so many delectable refreshments and to blaze who arranged flowers so beautifully.


1. Ceramic pottery by Nathaniel Addison; 3 pots with plants; 3 empty pots; see list and prices near pieces. 

2. Red Apples in a Mexican Bowl by Cynthia Fitting;  

3.  Green Tara by Nancy McDonald, acrylic 16x20"

Green Tara represents the protection aspect of mind  

4. Welded metal sculpture with patina by Bryan Crowe 

5. Cataloga Accretionara, work on paper by Aurore Chabot

6. Porcelain vase with two handles by Aurore Chabot  

7. Photos by  Cody Robertson

      Left: Agave; Center: Prickly Pear With Sky; Right: Red Window 

7a.  Photographic cards by Cody Robertson 

8. . Lance by Jan McDonald, oil pastels  20x24"

"Like a lance that flashes free in the open sky"  is a well-known

expression in the Great Perfection teachings-indicating a sudden

flash of insight 

9. 3 In 1 P-pear by Baltazar Alcantara (email: bbaltzar 

10.  The Hope of Doing Nothing by William E. Thompson, acrylic on canvas, Janurary 2009 

11. Two sgraffito stoneware plaques, Left and Right on yellow silk wall, by Richard


12. Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath, Fire my spirit,

      14x18", wood block print, Self-portrait by Ira McDonald Christian, Center on

      yellow silk wall 

13. Assortment of porcelain and earthenware pieces in site-specific arrangements for

      this festival by Aurore Chabot, on Left low counter (Sak-ti like shapes with

      stamped auspicious symbols) and figures, tiles, stamped cloud shapes, and small

      sculptures scattered around middle glass covered counter. 

14. White Chenrezi by Nancy McDonald, Clay and acrylic 9" high; Chenrezi

      symbolizes the compassionate aspect of mind, on raised center base.  

15.  Still life by Roni McDonald, 7x10" water color 

16.  Group of three drawings by Lisa Aguilera

      Left: Mi Corazon, ink on paper

      Right, top: Broken Butterfly

      Right, bottom: Honor the Spider 

17. (((((in))))) video performance by Jeejung Kim

      Can be viewed on Aurore’s laptop 

18. Performance during Friday night Opening Reception: The Meditator by

      Mike Keller; performed in back shrine room around 7:30 P.M. 

19. Clay meditation with Aurore Chabot, Saturday at 3 PM for one hour:

      Each participant will be given about a one cubic inch piece of clay to work on

      silently for one hour, followed by a discussion of each participant’s experience

      during the meditation.  Clay and small tools will be provided and if any of the

      participants wish, Aurore can fire the pieces to be picked up at a later date.                    

 Aurore Chabot

Vancouver, BC

In Vancouver we are celebrating the Shambhala Arts with an evening series called SPARKS of SANITY, Heaven Earth and Man: beginning in Feb and running bi-weekly, to the end of April, 6 sessions in total. Four local artists are leading evenings that both introduce Shambhala Art principles and offer a taste of their particular contemplative disciplines.

Robyn Trail, assisted by Bruce Freedman, is working with sound and music.
Carrie Abresch is presenting embodiment and movement; and Paul Belserene speech, sound and writing...or poetry in motion.
Margaret Jones Callahan is presenting brush work and Ikebana.

We are happy to report that participation is high, and a community of artists and members interested in creativity is developing.
Jillyan Gift is Vancouver's new Shambhala Art co-ordinator.

Happy spring to you all,

Margaret Jones Callahan

Victoria, BC
Charles Blackhall



momo said...

Every Day and Every Place is a Contemplative Arts Day and Celebration for the 50th Anniversary Year of Butoh in Japan. See a new, spontaneous and contemplative butoh piece daily at Http://

Pasquale Verdicchio said...

Hi...we at the San Diego Shambhala Center held our Arts Festival this past saturday, May 16th. Poetry readings and eco films. A wonderful gathering of engaged individuals and engaging materials. Best to you from San Diego

Pasquale Verdicchio
(Changuchub Dorje)
Nalanda Gate